K-Breezy's Lounge

"If it can be imagined, it can be done."


     Producer, songwriter, artist, musician, DJ, and engineer.  I've been around music from childhood.  Started off playing in band class and progressed to playing jazz music.  From there I got into music composition and later songwriting.  Took a break from music for a few years but couldn't stay away from it for long.  Began to work with sound editing and manipulation.  Eventually I began producing beats and instrumentals, and my first recorded rap was a mash-up of a modified beat and a freestyle beat I made on my desk.

     After learning how to edit photos and create visual effects I began making videos of my music to put on my social sites.  I sell beats, lyrics, and do photo edits.  My first two books are already in the drafting process.

     For the inquiring artists, I have done a few collaborations and live DJ events, but I'm pretty busy so send your propositions early so they can be read in a reasonable time.  

     Please take some time to explore the website and see what interests you, and if you have any questions/comments/concerns, or just feel like saying "Hi", visit the 'Contact Me' section and let your voice be heard.